Emergency Bridges Chile

Chile has a continuous need to provide rapid response services to its infrastructure requirements using emergency bridges. During our collaborations with the MOP we have learned that its regional organisations have requirements ranging from emergency removable bridges deployed for a short term in a remote location to a solution fulfilling a more (semi-) permanent situation with heavy traffic.

This requires a bridging solution to be versatile and resilient in order to meet all requirements within this broad range, a solution which exceeds the performance of the original Bailey bridge and provides the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. 

In 2012 Janson Bridging has supplied the Ministry of Public Works (Ministeria Obras Publicas - MOP) 15 Janson Panel Bridges including all required launching noses and equipment.



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Einzelheiten zum Projekt

Ministeria Obras Publicas
Anzahl der Brücken
15 bridges
30 meter
4.2 meter
  • Janson Panel Bridges
  • Emergency response
  • Bridges stored in the regional yards of Ministeria Obras Publicas